Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale


  1. Parties Involved

The following Terms of Sale is used between TradeUp.fi (Nordic Mobile Retail Oy, Company-id: 2895416-4), who is in the role of the buyer, and the customer, in the role of the seller. While filling the sale information, the seller must provide the correct information required by TradeUp. The information includes, in the case of a private customer: name, address, phone number, email, and payment account number. In the case of a corporate customer: contact person name, company-id, postal address, phone number, contact person email, and payment account number.

  2. Product

It is the seller’s responsibility to guarantee that the product they are selling to TradeUp is their legally acquired property, and all information they have provided is correct and truthful. The product offered cannot be:

-SIM-card locked to any operator

-iCloud locked (check how to remove the lock here)

  3. Condition Ratings

The condition of the offered product affects the price offered for it. Check the more detailed explanation of condition ratings here. The condition ratings are divided into broken and working devices:

  • Working devices

          The device must work without any faults, it needs to power on and all its pieces need to be in their correct places. The device cannot have any moisture damage, cracks, LCD damage (e.g. dead pixels), and the frame of the device must be unbent.

  • Broken devices

          The device must be able to power on (in case of battery damage, it needs to be able to power on with a new battery), and the device cannot have any moisture damage or motherboard defects. Additionally, Touch ID must work.

If you are uncertain or the device has a defect not listed here, contact our customer support info@tradeup.fi, before filling sales form and offering the device to us.

  4. Delivery and Packaging

Once the customer has filled the sales form and offered a device to us through it, TradeUp will send an email with detailed instructions related to packaging and delivery of offered device. The seller is responsible for the proper packaging of the offered device. The seller is responsible of the package until TradeUp has received it.

  5. Checking and Payment

Once the offered device is received by TradeUp, TradeUp will strive to check and pay it within 24 hours. The ownership of the device is transferred to TradeUp the moment the payment has been done. If the condition of the offered device does not match to the condition stated in the sales form and the offered price is changed due to that, TradeUp will contact the seller as soon as possible.

  6. Netbank and Payment

The payment will be done usually through TradeUp.fi owners Nordic Mobile Retail Oy’s netbank account to the sellers given payment account number. The payment might take up to two bank days (for other than Finnish accounts might be more) to be visible on the sellers account, however the sale date of the devices is the day the payment has left TradeUp’s account.

  7. Cancelling a Sale

TradeUp withholds the right to cancel a sale at any point before the payment has been done. In these situations, TradeUp will send the device back to the seller for free. If the cancellation of the sale is caused by the discovery of a defect or damage in the offered device, which was not announced in the sales form or any attached damage report, TradeUp has the right to charge a 30€ handling fee to cover the checking and delivery costs. In case the device the seller has offered has moisture damage or motherboard defects, TradeUp offers to take it for recycling for free, or if the seller wants the device back the previously mentioned handling fee applies.

  8. When Terms of Sales Take Effect

These Terms of Sale take effect once the seller fills the sales form and sends the offer for the device at the page  https://tradeup.fi/en/sell-phone/ and accepts these conditions with by ticking a separate “Accept Terms of Sale” button.