Sell ratings

Condition ratings when you sell to us

Fully functional phones

Phones must be fully functional, start and all parts have to be in place. The phone must not contain moisture damage, cracks, LCD damage (e.g. dead pixels) and the frame must not be bent.



  • Cosmetically like new
  • No signs of use
  • Fully functional


  • Neat appearance
  • Few scrapes or scuffs
  • Fully functional


  • Noticable signs of use
  • Screen intact
  • Fully functional


  • Noticeable cosmetic markings, but fully functional
  • Screen intact

Broken phones

The phone must start (in the case of battery faults, with a new battery) and the phone must not be moisture damaged or have a motherboard issue. Touch ID has to work.


Slightly damaged

May contain one or more of the faults listed below

  • Very poor battery life
  • Audio jack
  • Speaker
  • Recharge port
  • Buttons
  • Camera (not iP7+, iP8+, iPX back camera)
  • Sensor
  • Software

Screen damaged

May contain same faults as “Slightly damaged” and screen or LCD damage

Frame damaged

May contain same faults as “Slightly damaged” and the frame can be bent or slightly broken.